The mission of the VFW

New Mexico Foundation

is to actively serve veterans, service members, their families, and the communities where they live, by supporting programs and services that secure, manage and distribute resources to improve their quality of life.


The following process shall be adhered to when a Post is requesting to apply for a Post Relief (PR) Fund Grant / Loan.

1.The Post shall contact its respective District Commander requesting to apply for a PR Fund Grant / Loan.

2.The District Commander shall make an appointment within seven (7) days of being contacted to complete the application with the Post.

3.The District Commander, District Inspector (optional), and Post leadership shall review the relevant Post documents and complete the PR application.

4.The District Commander shall submit the completed, signed PR application to the Foundation Secretary.

5.The Foundation Secretary shall schedule a Foundation Board review of submitted applications as soon as practical.

6.The Foundation Board may require clarification or additional information in order to make a final determination.

7.The Foundation Secretary shall inform the District and Post Commanders of the Foundation Board review.

8.No more than 1 application per year and not to exceed $500.00

9.There is no appeal process for final determinations made by the Foundation Board.

Click Here to download the application.

Please email completed applications to: vfwnmfoundation@gmail.com




The purpose of the Veterans Assistance Fund program is to assist eligible New Mexico
veterans with basic living needs (bills such as utilities, rent/mortgage, insurance,
transportation costs, etc.). This is an automated application process, and is applicant
driven. Once your application is complete, you will be able to submit your application.

You will need a copy of your DD-214, copy of your New Mexico Driver's License or ID,
copy of your most recent tax return, and copies of the bills you are seeking assistance
with. You will also need the name and email address of a Veteran Agency Point of
Contact (Department Service Officer, County Service Officer, case worker, etc.).

This is not an entitlement program based on veteran status. This program does NOT
provide emergency funds.

Not every applicant will be approved. All decisions are final, and not subject to appeal.

The Veterans Assistance Fund cannot issue cash to you if approved. Instead, we will
issue checks to your creditors. Those checks are included in the notice of decision sent
to you so that you may forward them to your creditors. The maximum amount you
COULD receive is $500.00 in assistance.

On behalf of the VFW New Mexico Foundation, its donors, and its Board of Directors,
we thank you for your service!

Click Here to download the application.

Please email completed applications to: vfwnmfoundation@gmail.com